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Constructed from documentary footage of the demolition of my great-grandparents' farmhouse, Home is also the basis for a series of drawings and in-progress performance actions.  The footage runs in reverse, essentially re-building the house from rubble, and ends with a stop-motion animated drawing that returns the home to its glory. 


Companions to the video, Home Suite [Home] depicts the demolition and topographical erasure of my great-grandparents’ farmhouse.  Just as memory is embellished and tarnished by nostalgia and time, the traces of metal that compose these drawings continue to oxidize and transmogrify, altering the images and their meaning in unpredictable ways.  


The final images were largely dictated by choice of medium; metalpoint is laborious and unforgiving, not allowing erasure and value is built through repetition, not pressure. The drawing process was a means of reflecting upon the inevitability that a family, like a home, is a body that ages and decays. 

The drawings are displayed like filmstrip in a horizontal row, intended as a cohesive whole.  In contrast to the video, where the demolition is a surreal construction, the drawings progress from left to right as glimpses of the home’s rapid decline from neglected dwelling to a vacant patch of earth. 

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